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3 tips to pump more milk

3 tips to pump more milk

3 tips to pump more milk

So you’ve had the baby and first things first, feeding the baby. It’s common for most mothers to opt for breast feeding, for it’s nutritional benefits. But what about when you have to go back to work. While breast feeding is straight forward, if you follow these 3 tips to pump more milk you will have a larger supply.

Get a quality breast pump

This is not the place to cheap out. Make sure to check out a few breast pump reviews before making a purchase. There’s a variety of options on the market make sure you pick a model that is best suited for you. They make different types based on the amount of milk you will need to stack up.

Massage your breast

Breast massage is a good way to facilitate the flow of milk to the bosom. Making a time to massage the breast daily will ensure that milk is ready to go when you are ready to pump. Many women prefer to do this in the shower incase milk accidentally squirts out. Massaging your breast for a few minutes a day will also make sure they dont get too sore during the times that you are producing milk after birth.

Stick to a routine

Do everything the same. Pick an area of the house and a time to pump. Starting a routine gets your body on a schedule. By having your body on schedule it will always make sure to have milk flowing for you when you need it. If you keep switching things up it confuses the body and makes planning milk extraction fairly difficult. This will build up a reserve and save you money.


Pumping doesn’t have to be difficult. By getting a quality pump, massaging your breast regularly, and sticking to a routine, you should be able to pump all the milk you need. If you found these tips helpful, make sure to share this with a friend.

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3 ways to save money as a new parent

3 ways to save money as a new parent

Saving money has always been a priority for us, even before the baby. My husband and I are saving money by making good purchasing decisions. This article will show you 3 ways to save money as a new parent, as being frugal is something that will probably change for you after a new baby.


First and foremost, couponing is a great way to save money. You’ve seen the shows where people clip coupon after coupon, then, after the cut scene they are at the grocery store getting paid to take items out the store. It’s kind of like that, but way less glorious. The thing to remember is that bulk is your friend with baby supplies such as diapers and wipes. A lot of times you can come across but one get one free deals and double your value instantly. You can learn about couponing here.

Buying in bulk

The more you buy the more you get for less. Buying the biggest box of diapers or the large pack of wipes will get you more product per dollar. If you want to increase saving further try getting a warehouse membership at places like sams club. Buying in bulk is a good practice for anything that you buy on a consistent basis.

Buying generic brands

If you ever had to buy formula you know the brand name stuff is crazy expensive. The generic brand is usually 40% less and is the same stuff. You can check the ingredients and most of the time they will be the same. This holds true when your child gets older as well. While I have to admit I HATE generic cereal, my kids can’t tell a difference


By following these tips you will begin to save money left and right. I hope these 3 ways to save money as a new parent will get you on the path to savings as well.


3 things that change after birth

3 things that change after birth

3 things that change after birth

Becoming a new parent for the first time can reveal many things that’s you haven’t accounted for. Many routines will alter as you learn to adapt to having a new maybe. In this article, we will discuss 3 things that change after birth.

The amount of sleep you get

For those of you fortunate enough to have been able to get 8 hours of sleep consistently, that may end. Babies frequently wake up in the middle night for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you will be lucky and they will go back to sleep but many times they will need to be fed.

Food budget

You will need to increase your food budget. If you breast feed then you will save money buying formula but as the baby gets older, they will graduate to baby food and regular milk. These expenses can stack fairly quick so be prepared. Here is a good list of another 32 ways you can save money after a new baby.


Having a baby is like a gaining a full time job. If you work a regular job then you might notice yourself feeling tired more often. This can lead to a lack of the urge for intimacy. It is important for couples to at least schedule a few times a week specifically for intimacy. You will likely need to plan this in accordance with your babies sleeping schedule.It is important to keep the romance alive after a baby.


Although things will change, you will be able to adapt. Having a baby is a wonderful experience to go through. I hope our 3 things that will change after birth was insightful for you.