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3 ways to save money as a new parent

3 ways to save money as a new parent

Saving money has always been a priority for us, even before the baby. My husband and I are saving money by making good purchasing decisions. This article will show you 3 ways to save money as a new parent, as being frugal is something that will probably change for you after a new baby.


First and foremost, couponing is a great way to save money. You’ve seen the shows where people clip coupon after coupon, then, after the cut scene they are at the grocery store getting paid to take items out the store. It’s kind of like that, but way less glorious. The thing to remember is that bulk is your friend with baby supplies such as diapers and wipes. A lot of times you can come across but one get one free deals and double your value instantly. You can learn about couponing here.

Buying in bulk

The more you buy the more you get for less. Buying the biggest box of diapers or the large pack of wipes will get you more product per dollar. If you want to increase saving further try getting a warehouse membership at places like sams club. Buying in bulk is a good practice for anything that you buy on a consistent basis.

Buying generic brands

If you ever had to buy formula you know the brand name stuff is crazy expensive. The generic brand is usually 40% less and is the same stuff. You can check the ingredients and most of the time they will be the same. This holds true when your child gets older as well. While I have to admit I HATE generic cereal, my kids can’t tell a difference


By following these tips you will begin to save money left and right. I hope these 3 ways to save money as a new parent will get you on the path to savings as well.


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