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3 tips to pump more milk

3 tips to pump more milk

3 tips to pump more milk

So you’ve had the baby and first things first, feeding the baby. It’s common for most mothers to opt for breast feeding, for it’s nutritional benefits. But what about when you have to go back to work. While breast feeding is straight forward, if you follow these 3 tips to pump more milk you will have a larger supply.

Get a quality breast pump

This is not the place to cheap out. Make sure to check out a few breast pump reviews before making a purchase. There’s a variety of options on the market make sure you pick a model that is best suited for you. They make different types based on the amount of milk you will need to stack up.

Massage your breast

Breast massage is a good way to facilitate the flow of milk to the bosom. Making a time to massage the breast daily will ensure that milk is ready to go when you are ready to pump. Many women prefer to do this in the shower incase milk accidentally squirts out. Massaging your breast for a few minutes a day will also make sure they dont get too sore during the times that you are producing milk after birth.

Stick to a routine

Do everything the same. Pick an area of the house and a time to pump. Starting a routine gets your body on a schedule. By having your body on schedule it will always make sure to have milk flowing for you when you need it. If you keep switching things up it confuses the body and makes planning milk extraction fairly difficult. This will build up a reserve and save you money.


Pumping doesn’t have to be difficult. By getting a quality pump, massaging your breast regularly, and sticking to a routine, you should be able to pump all the milk you need. If you found these tips helpful, make sure to share this with a friend.


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