3 things that change after birth

3 things that change after birth

3 things that change after birth

Becoming a new parent for the first time can reveal many things that’s you haven’t accounted for. Many routines will alter as you learn to adapt to having a new maybe. In this article, we will discuss 3 things that change after birth.

The amount of sleep you get

For those of you fortunate enough to have been able to get 8 hours of sleep consistently, that may end. Babies frequently wake up in the middle night for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you will be lucky and they will go back to sleep but many times they will need to be fed.

Food budget

You will need to increase your food budget. If you breast feed then you will save money buying formula but as the baby gets older, they will graduate to baby food and regular milk. These expenses can stack fairly quick so be prepared. Here is a good list of another 32 ways you can save money after a new baby.


Having a baby is like a gaining a full time job. If you work a regular job then you might notice yourself feeling tired more often. This can lead to a lack of the urge for intimacy. It is important for couples to at least schedule a few times a week specifically for intimacy. You will likely need to plan this in accordance with your babies sleeping schedule.It is important to keep the romance alive after a baby.


Although things will change, you will be able to adapt. Having a baby is a wonderful experience to go through. I hope our 3 things that will change after birth was insightful for you.


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